Lavender T Oil

Lavender ‘T’ offered is an essential oil obtained through distillation from flower spikes of lavender. With the oil having long history of being used in production of perfumes as well as in aromatherapy applications, it is because of the natural properties of oil including its scent that has calming effect and aids relaxation, reducing anxiety and stress. The lavender oil also has in it high amount of linalool and linalyl acetate, that are anxiolytic and help in relieving pain from tension headache when breathed in as vapor as well as when diluted and rubbed on skin.

At times when this oil is added as a vaporizer, it aids in treatment of cough and respiratory infection. It is also used as mosquito repellent, used in perfumes, added to lotions or hair products. Further, the oil also helps in common ailments like sunburns and sunstrokes as well as in providing relief from joint and muscle pains, asthmatic and bronchitis spasm.

Musk Rose

Musk Rose oil offered has in it superior healing and cosmetic properties. Also known by the name of ‘Elixir of Youth,’ the oil contains in it perfect balance of rich components that makes it used in costly perfumes. The oil is extracted from the seed part of the roses that are extremely rich in vitamin C that makes it key ingredient in quality cosmetics. The benefits of the oil include in fighting aging process of skin, stimulating regeneration and improving texture and quality of skin by increasing its elasticity.

Besides the oil also has therapeutic properties that is based on achieving superior healing and regenerative achievements by using the oil on the skin. The continuous application also helps in removing scars, burns, other skin damages and wrinkles. Some of the other things the oil is recommended for include for stretch marks and aging spots, damaged, or dehydrated skin, sunburn, acne, eczema and psoriasis.

Rose Otto Oil

Rose Otto offered is known by the botanical name Rosa damascene with Bulgaria being the country of origin. The oil is a yellow colored liquid with a characteristic odor and solubility in alcohol, oil and insolubility in water. With Specific Gravity of 0.848 – 0.861 @ 30oC, Optical Rotation of -5 to -2 @ 20oC, Refractive Index of 1.4530 to 1.4640 at 20oC and Flash Point of 54 °C. With the major chemical constituents of oil including phenyl ethanol, citronellol, geraniol, nerol, stearopten, it is extracted using cool steam distillation process and has great anti oxidant properties that makes it mostly used in crèmes. The presence of rapidly absorbed anti-oxidants and active ingredients in the oil also makes it perfect for use as moisturizing day cream. Other than this, it’s also used in toiletries, soaps, cosmetics and perfumes.

Also known by common names of Rose Otto Essential Oil, it blends well with geranium, chamomile Roman, bergamot, clary sage, jasmine, patchouli, lemon, lavender, mandarin, sandalwood, vetiver, it also has in it properties like antidepressant, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, astringent, bactericidal and laxative. The oil is also helpful against dry skin, eczema, impotence, insomnia, liver congestion.

Sandal Vicco

Having botanical name Santalum album, Sandal Vicco of Indian Sandalwood offered has a strong aroma with the oil being extracted from the selected dried heartwood. The extracted oil is of pale yellow color and is one of oldest known perfume materials. At places, it is used in incense products and is extracted using steam distillation process. The derived oil is warm, relaxing and sedative to nervous system and also acts as a aphrodisiac, thus assisting against depression. The sandalwood also has moisturizing and skin healing properties that make the oil valued in skin based cosmetics.

The sandalwood oil also has a sweet, warm, rich and woody aroma that makes it best for body fragrance, as ingredient in fragrant products like perfumes, aftershaves and other areas. The oil also has a long history of being used in traditional medicine.

T. Rose

T. Rose offered is rose oil and rose water which is a by-product of distillation an sis used topically than internally; with exception of Aroma therapy procedures where the rose essence can be inhaled using steam/diffusion process. With the oil having great therapeutic benefits, its use is varied and is especially used in areas of skincare. With the extract suitable for all skin types, it especially works wonders for dry, sensitive and aging skins. The oil has tonic and astringent effect on blood capillaries just below skin that helps in reducing redness caused by enlarged capillaries. Further, the other derivative rosewater is also used in skincare and is soothing to irritated skin.

Acting as a tonic and antiseptic, it is valuable as antiseptic in eye infection and is also soothing to nerves as well as stabilizing emotional /psychological state of mind. With the oil regarded as mild sedative and anti-depressant, it also helps in providing effective treatment for ailments related to stress, peptic ulcers, heart disease and others.

Tropical Fruits Based Fragrance Oils

Tropical Fruits Based Fragrance Oils based fragrance oils offered are combination of different essential oils and finds safe use in cold process soap making, cosmetics manufacturing and candle making areas. The Tropical Fruit Fragrance Oils are also famous for its aroma that makes it best choice for therapeutic healing. Further, as naturally occurring fragrances and being highly aromatic, these can also be used in perfumery based applications.

Among many, one of most popular usage includes in candlelit oil burners that helps in scenting the home. Further, a warm and tranquil atmosphere comprising this Tropical Fruit fragrance will also help in making one feel relaxed in complete comfort of their homes. Some of the safeguards that need to be maintained here while using the oil include to dilute fragrance oil with water, Do not use pure essential oil blend for internal applications, Do not apply to skin, Should not be used by pregnant ladies and should be maintained out of reach from children.

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