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“It doesn’t get much greener than essential oils: when used correctly, they are among Mother Nature’s most potent remedies.”

Amy LeighMercree

Shiv Sales Corporation is a leading and highly acclaimed name in the field of Cold press oils, naturally extracted Extracts and Essential oils. Our deep and exacting knowledge about traditional medicines has enabled us to offer world class products and industry compatible products. We have developed core competence in manufacturing a wide range of Organic and Natural Essential Oils & Herbal Extract products. Additionally we specialise in manufacturing high grade Herbal Extracts, Natural Herbal Extracts, Liquid Herbal Extracts, Essential oil, Aromatherapy Oil, Organic Herbal Extracts, Attars, Spices Oil and Absolute Natural Fragrances. Our product is extremely high in purity and quality. We specialise in coming up with solutions for different customer specifications. We consistently work towards offering our customers the finest grade of Therapeutic, Aroma Therapy Based and other grades of essential oils, natural essential oil blends and crude essential oils. These blended and unblended essential oils are important ingredients to prepare a diverse range of products from medicinal, cosmetics, consumer goods, nutritional supplements, massage products and many more. Under the dynamic leadership of Mr Rajiv Singhal, we are keeping pace with the fast growing global demand of herbal products at 20% per annum. Our highly-equipped production facility, laboratory and qualified experts help us maintain our growth and our quality. We constantly strive to understand and deliver products that meet the requirements of our discerning clients.

Our Clients

We have consistently matched and delivered on our customers’ expectations on quality, price, reliability, efficacy and delivery. Our tireless endeavour to give a world class product at extremely competitive price within the defined time guidelines has made us a trusted partner. Nothing delights us more than surpassing the expectations of our customers! We value them and strive to become invaluable to them with our product and service.

Having gained recognition as a renowned organization in our area of business, we have gained strong clientele support comprising customers from India and overseas countries including:


Several countries of European Region





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